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Carpentry Services

Home Addition / Extension

Marchi Carpentry specializes in meticulous home additions and extensions, tailoring your existing structure to your evolving needs.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Expert removal of load-bearing walls, ensuring structural integrity while transforming and opening up your living space.

Steel Beam Installation

We offer precise steel beam installation, providing essential support and stability for your architectural designs.

Custom Framing

We ensure safety and functionality through our custom framing services, serving Willowdale, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and Aurora with unmatched quality workmanship.

Rough In & Inside Design

We provide comprehensive rough-in and interior design services, laying the groundwork for an exceptional finish.

Footing Framing

We prioritize the first-time-right approach for foundation footing to prevent long-term damage from moisture and soil shifts, thereby preserving your home’s structural integrity.

Basement Framing

Expert basement framing services to optimize your lower-level living space, ensuring it’s both functional and attractive.

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